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A fast, adaptable & secure solution

Providing an optimal lux level for the occupiers of a building is just one of the often overlooked functions of a quality lighting connection system.

Klik 7 provides an adaptable solution to any challenge faced in designing a modern, scalable lighting system, by ensuring the lux levels of dimmable luminaires can be adjusted during commissioning and, most importantly, after feedback from the occupiers.

The value of control

Occupancy sensors allow control to be achieved by ‘trimming’ the lux level of dimmable luminaires to the required level at commissioning stage, helping to avoid costly problems later.

Lighting connection systems need to evolve as lighting technologies and their applications change. With its combination of occupancy sensors, motion detectors, ceiling roses and marshalling boxes, Klik can accommodate more complex control options as required

Application Examples

Application 1 - Office with no natural light

Sensor Settings: Presence
Lux sensor used: No
Wall switching: None - auto only

  • Two KLMB/KLDS marshalling boxes
  • No natural light
  • Standard or digital luminaires
  • Auto on when entering room
  • 20 Minute time out when vacant
Application 2 - Office with windows on two sides
Sensor Settings: Presence
Lux sensor used: Yes
Wall switching: Optional

  • One dual supply KLMB marshalling boxes & one standard KLMB box
  • Auto on when entering room
  • Natural light on two sides
  • Digital luminaires adjacent to windows - standard or digital luminaires elsewhere
  • 2 x digital sensors & 1 x standard sensor.
  • 20 minute time out when vacant
Application 3 - Klik connection with 3rd party control
Sensor Settings: Presence
Lux sensor used: Optional
Wall switching: Optional

  • Two KLMB marshalling boxes
  • Natural light on one side
  • Digital luminaires
  • Auto on when entering room
  • 3rd Party head-end lighting control/supervisory system