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Product data sheets

Technical data sheet including characteristics for latching relays.
Product data sheets for EPN515
Technical data sheet including characteristics for latching relays.

Directive RoHS


Catalogue pages (automatic pdf)

Latching Relays
Catalogue page for Latching Relays
Latching Relays

Catalogue chapters (automatic pdf)

Relays & Contactors
Catalogue chapter for Relays & Contactors
Relays & Contactors
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EPN510 Latching relay 1NO 230V
Latching relay 1NO 230V
EPN520 Latching relay 2NO 230V
Latching relay 2NO 230V
EPN518 Latching relay 1NC+1NO 24V
Latching relay 1NC+1NO 24V
EPN525 Latching relay 2NC+2NO 230V
Latching relay 2NC+2NO 230V
EPN051 Auxiliary contact 1NC+1NO
Auxiliary contact 1NC+1NO
ESC225 Contactor 25A,  2NO,  230V~50Hz
Contactor 25A, 2NO, 230V~50Hz
EPN513 Latching relay 1NO 24V
Latching relay 1NO 24V
ERC218 Relay 16A,  1NO+1NC,  230V~50Hz
Relay 16A, 1NO+1NC, 230V~50Hz
EPN519 Latching relay 1NC+1NO 12V
Latching relay 1NC+1NO 12V
EN145 Interface relay VLV/ LV
Interface relay VLV/ LV
EN146 Interface relay LV / VLV
Interface relay LV / VLV
EPN521 Latching relay 2NO 12V
Latching relay 2NO 12V
EPN524 Latching relay 2NO 24V
Latching relay 2NO 24V
ERD218 Relay 16A,  1NO+1NC,  24V~50Hz
Relay 16A, 1NO+1NC, 24V~50Hz
ETC340 Night & Day Contactor 40A,  3NO,  230V~50Hz
Night & Day Contactor 40A, 3NO, 230V~50Hz
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