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Design Range Accessories

Meter Tail Entry Cable Protector Plate

VM04CE Meter tail Entry Open (Pack 10)
Simply clip into place to allow cable entry or blanking of removed knockouts
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VM04CEMeter tail Entry Open (Pack 10)9.65 £ / prt.
VM04CBMeter Tail Entry Closed (Pack 10)9.65 £ / prt.

Top Wall Cable Protector Plate

VM03CE 30mm*40mm Cable Entry Open (Pack 10)
Simply clip into place to allow cable entry or blanking of removed knockouts, the VM03CB can be drilled out to fit a compression gland.
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VM03CE30mm*40mm Cable Entry Open (Pack 10)9.65 £ / prt.
VM03CB30mm*40mm Cable Entry Closed (Pack 10)9.65 £ / prt.

Cable Protector Plate

VM02CE Cable entry pl., Design Range,  ins.,5pcs.
The cable protector plate allows cables to enter through the rear of the board without the risk of damage from sharp edges. The cable protector plate simply clips securely into place once a rear knockout has been removed, offering significantly greater rigidity than grommet strip when pulling cables into the board.
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VM02CECable entry plate, Design Range, insulated, 5 pieces13.85 £ / prt.
VM01CECable entry plate, Design30, metal, consumer unit9.17 £ / prt.

Cable Clamp

VA10MT Cable Clamp for Meter Tails
The cable clamp is used to safely secure the incoming meter tails even with an RCBO next to the main switch, eliminating stress within the switch terminal and providing additional peace of mind. A cable clamp is included as standard in Design 50 & 30 but can be purchased as an accessory for Design 10. 
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VA10MTCable Clamp for Meter Tails VML Consumer Units14.95 £ / prt.

Health & Safety Lock

VMHBL HSE Padlock Bracket,  D Range
Provides the ability to isolate circuits and secure the consumer unit prior to occupation of a property.
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VMHBLHSE Padlock Bracket, Design Range21.09 £ / prt.
VSRHBLDesign 50 Lock pack of 628.34 £ / prt.

Key Lock

VMLOCK Con.unit,  D Range,  VM,  door locking kit
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VMLOCKConsumer unit, Design Range, VM, door locking kit16.30 £ / prt.
VSRLOCKDesign 50 Key Lock17.12 £ / prt.

Grommets & Grommet strip

No picture available
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VM05GSGrommet strip, Design30,5 meters6.21 £ / prt.
VMGROMGrommet, Design Range, 10 open hole, 38mm for VM-VML-VMLF9.85 £ / prt.

Rear Stand Off Plate

VM01SP Rear stand off pl., D30, consum.unit
The rear stand off plate provides 12mm of clearance at the rear of the consumer unit to allow surface mounted cables to enter the board from the rear avoiding any potential IP issues with the top of the board. Supplied with two cable protector plates as standard.
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VM01SPRear stand off plate, Design30, consumer unit35.43 £ / prt.


JK01B Single Pole Busbar Blank
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
JK01BSingle Pole Busbar Blank1.22 £ / prt.

Surge Protection Enclosures

No picture available
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
VA2T2SPDType II Surge Protection Enclosure with L&N Cable225.00 £ / prt.
VA4T2SDSPDType II Surge Protection Enclosure with 100A Main switch250.00 £ / prt.
VA4T2SDSPDDType II Surge Protection Enclosure with 100A Main switch + Door275.00 £ / prt.
*Data is subject to errors and technical modifications. Prices are trade price, exclusive of VAT.