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Building Automation

Tebis.KNX Home and Building Control
Whether in a single-family house or in an office complex, the demand for comfort and versatility in the management of air-conditioning, lighting and access control systems is growing. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important.
More convenience and safety coupled with lower energy consumption can however only be achieved by intelligent control and monitoring of all products involved.
Hager makes things easy with our Tebis.KNX range. Quicklink, Easy and System.

Quicklink (Q.)

Quicklink is the starting point for your home automation needs, combining simple RF devices whether its lighting, blind and shutter control or heating.
This offer can be easily retrofitted into already existing installations with minimal distruption to decor.
The Quicklink Micro Modules do not need any specific programming tool, as the devices are programmed via device to device. This results in a quick programming approach from the installer. 
Click below to find out more. 

Easy (E.)

Easy is the next step within the home automation world.
Just like 'Quicklink' we can achieve lighting, scene control, HVAC, shutter and blind control all with our 'Easy' link devices. A mixture of twisted pair (TP) and radio frequency (RF) devices can be mixed to give a complete building control solution.
As part of the KNX family, the 'Easy' range has been developed for ease of installation and its use. It gives excellent flexibility and expandibility, combining a very neat visualisation tool designed for the end user to control the whole property from one screen with ease.
This is acheived with our extremely well developed app and server - Domovea.
Hager provides free training on our home automation products from installer to end user. 

System (S.)

System has been developed as the higher end solution, designed for intergrator and KNX installer. Providing a wider range of options within these devices.
These products are primarily programmed via ETS software which can be found on the KNX Website.
These products are designed for more tailored and specific requirements at the higher end of the automation market. 
Q and E products can all be intergrated alongside the S product range, giving a very extensive and unique installation if required. 
We can provide the end user with a very neat interface for whole property control. This is acheived with our extremely well developed app and server - Domovea.
Hager provides free training on our home automation products from installer to end user. 


Berker is a range of high quality wiring accessories which will become a part of your home for decades to come. The offer includes timelessly classic switch design to intelligent building management systems.