Building Automation

Whether in a single-family house or in an office complex, the demand for comfort and versatility in the management of air-conditioning, lighting and access control systems is growing. Hager makes things easy with our Tebis.KNX range. Quicklink, Easy and System.

Quicklink (Q.)

Quicklink is the starting point for your home automation needs, combining simple RF devices whether its lighting, blind and shutter control or heating. This offer can be easily retrofitted into already existing installations with minimal disruption to decor.

Easy (E.)

Easy is the next step within the home automation world. Just like 'Quicklink' we can achieve lighting, scene control, HVAC, shutter and blind control all with our 'Easy' link devices. A mixture of twisted pair (TP) and radio frequency (RF) devices can be mixed to give a complete building control solution.

System (S.)

System has been developed as the higher end solution, designed for integrator and KNX installer. Providing a wider range of options within these devices. These products are primarily programmed via ETS software which can be found on the KNX Website.


Domovea is the control and visualization software for Tebis installations. It provides access to all features for home automation from computer terminals (PC, touch screens) in the house. Under the normal Tebis commands, domovea adds new comfort and safety elements


From timelessly classic switch design through to intelligent building management systems, all new developments are created with just one thing in mind: the satisfaction of our customers. After all, we want you to feel at home with our products for decades to come.