Evolving our commercial offer with the new Hybrid Distribution Board

Whoops! Looks like some of those pesky newsletter gremlins have been at it.

We said the 1P and 3P MCB options on our Hybrid Distribution Boards are at 80A - 100A.

In fact, they're at 80A - 125A.

This has been corrected below. Apologies for any confusion caused.


Meet our new board...

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We are delighted to announce the unveiling of our latest commercial offering, the Hybrid Distribution Board.

Conforming to BS EN 61439-3, our 250A Hybrid Distribution Board creates a compact all in one solution.

Accommodating outgoing loads of up to 125A, our latest addition provides an efficient solution for applications where the circuit requirements are mostly served with standard MCB/RCBO devices, but where a small number of loads are rated above 63A.

The latest addition to our commercial range comes with these great features:

• 1P and 3P MCB options at 80A - 125A, accommodating a wide range of applications
• Factory fitted MCCB and SD incomer options
• Glazed and steel door versions available to suit the location of the board
• A door barrel lock accessory is available to purchase separately to keep the unit secure

Our Hybrid Distribution Board is the perfect addition to our wide range of commercial distributions board, such as our Invicta 3 panelboards and our enhanced metering and meter board range.

Discover how our Hybrid Distribution Board is the ideal board for your next commercial project here


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