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Digital Adoption Survey 2017 Results

What are the digital trends for the electrical industry in 2017? The results of our Digital Adoption Survey explores these answers.
Now in its third year, our Digital Adoption Survey looks to monitor the progression of digital trends within the electrical industry.

Our first Digital Adoption Survey began in 2011 with great success. This was followed up four years later in 2015 and nowour third survey has thrown up some interesting results.

Over *100 participants completed our survey, with a broad range of ages taking part.

Access to social media is now easier thanks to the numerous devices they can be downloaded onto. Our survey found an increase of 12% in the use of smartphones to access social networking sites with a reduction of 19% on Desktop computers. This reduction in usage was supported with the number of those who owned a smartphone increasing by 15%.

The rapid rise in demand for smartphones and their mobility and simplicity to use has started to see the decline in the need to access such information on immobile desktop computers.

With social networks more prominent than before, there was a slight increase in the time spent on these platforms, with a 2% increase in those using social media between 1-2 hours a day.

‘Content is King’ is a popular well-known phrase, so given the variety of content that social media offers, participants shared with us the type of content that interests them the most. Respondents were keen to know more about the latest industry news, with an 13% increase in the desire to see more of this kind of content.

The latest industry news, debates and hot topics are all discussed over on Circuit Break - our blog site, which has a good variety of articles and subjects that you can sink your teeth into; you can also submit your own piece into our content forum. Just over half of participants to our survey were also aware of Circuit Break and the numerous topics that are discussed.

When asked if social networks can help enhance business opportunities, there was an 8% increase in the number of participants who felt that it did, with just over 60% believing so. One respondent commented “You can target groups easily and share news, offers and opportunities quickly and to a relatively large audience.”

Compare this to smartphones, where there was a 16% increase in respondents who saw these devices as a way to enhance business opportunities, with over 82% seeing their potential. Another respondent commented “The vast majority of people have smartphones, making it people’s first choice source of information, and as we evolve it is becoming a bigger part of our daily routine.”

Here at Hager, we have embraced the power of social media for many years. In just two years, the number of respondents who are aware of our Twitter channel @hageruk has grown significantly. Now, just under 95% know of the work and the conversations we’re creating on Twitter.

These conversations are driven by the members of #HagerGang which is an award winning social media initiative created by Hager which aims to bring together the best and the brightest electricians in the country to share their advice and expertise with one another.

When asked about the #HagerGang, there was a 32% increase from 2015 of those who knew about our unique social media club. You can find out how you can join and tap into the #HagerGang here.

*106 participants
Posted: 7th April 2017

For further information please contact: Hager Ltd, Hortonwood 50, Hortonwood, Telford, TF1 7FT. Telephone 01952 675612, Fax 01952 675557, Web: www.hager.co.uk, Twitter: @hageruk