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Tebis Simplifies Switching for DW Sports

Tebis Simplifies Switching for DW Sports
Hager’s Tebis system has simplified the cabling for central and local switching. This solution has been used for the lighting in DW Sports Leisure Centre, Sunderland.

With the lighting supplied from a number of different distribution boards, a conventional hard-wired solution would have involved multicore cabling being terminated into one central grid switching unit behind reception. Apart from the logistics of terminating several cables into the correct switch, there is no flexibility to change specifications during the build. In the past any change in switching control would involve extra cabling which often added a variation cost to the project.

Specified by Hannan Associates, electrical contractor’s Sheridan M&E installed a single 30Vdc SELV bus line throughout the leisure centre. Both outputs, in this case all the lighting circuits and inputs, the multigang grid switches and some local wall switches, tap onto the bus line via connectors.

Commissioning the system is straightforward - each input and output device is assigned an address on the system and then programmed so that the lighting circuits only respond to signals from particular programmed switches. Individual circuits can respond to more than one switch so an infinite number of variations are possible using the system.

Karl Spencer, electrical consultant at Hannan Associates, states, “A significant amount of time is saved using Tebis compared to conventional hard wiring. There were also some cost savings by not using multicore cabling, but more importantly the system gives the flexibility to easily change the specification without having to run new cabling throughout the building.

"More functionality is also easily added, for example a centre may choose to have an overall master switch which turns off most of the lighting apart from that needed for security. Also future extensions to the centre, if membership increases for example, are easily included on the system without the disruption or the extensive recabling which we would have using a conventional hard wired solution.”

Hager’s Klik system was also used at DW Sports to aid the fast-fit installation process. Klik is a lighting distribution system that uses ‘plug and play’ connectors so that the installation of lighting is a simple process. This is not only true of the initial installation stages but also if any later reconfiguration is required. Luminaires can be plugged in, in seconds, with absolute safety and without the need for circuit isolation.
Posted: 23rd December 2011

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