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What you need to know about our Reduced Height RCBO

Following the launch of our Reduced Height RCBO, we look at the key things you need to know about our latest protection device.
What advantage does the Reduced Height RCBO give?
It provides extra cabling space ensuring a neater and faster installation.

What advantage does the removal of the functional earth give?

  • Speeds up installation by reducing connections
  • Removes the challenge of connecting different cable types into one terminal
  • Speeds up testing by removing the need to disconnect the functional earth for insulation resistance tests and the subsequent reconnection

How much smaller is it than our existing RCBO device?
The existing device is 115mm tall. The new device is 92mm tall, giving an extra 23mm of connection space.

What do I need to do for devices above 32A?
For devices above 32A the existing devices will need to be used as previously. Due to the general requirement for may be one or two devices above 32A in a consumer unit, the impact of the larger size is much reduced.

Can old and new devices be installed side by side?
Yes, there is no restriction on where old and new devices can be installed within the consumer unit.

Do I need to remove the busbar from the consumer unit to add or remove RCBO’s?
No. Both the old and the new devices can be exchanged without removing the busbar due to the 2-position din rail clip situated at the bottom of the device.

Does the removal of the functional earth mean that the device will still function normally?
Yes. The device will still function normally for both overcurrent and residual current faults.

Will the device function normally if there is a loss of neutral to the installation?
No, the overcurrent portion of the device will function normally. The RCD portion of the device will not function normally. However, the chance of seeing this simultaneous double fault is extremely unlikely. If the supply neutral is lost to the circuit or the installation there will be disruption to the function of the installation which would be unlikely to go un-noticed.

Find out more about our Reduced Height RCBO here
Author: David Evans
Posted: 21st September 2017
Get in contact: info@hager.co.uk | Twitter