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What the electrician of the future could look like

Here at Hager we decided to gaze into our crystal ball to see what the electrician of the future could look like. David Evans explains what he saw.
As technology evolves electricians will need to adapt to an ever changing market.

Here at Hager we have gazed into our crystal ball to see what the electricians of the future could look like. Will the professional of the future look the same or will their knowledge and skills be different to what is taught today?
Qualified Electrician

Whatever happens in the future, electricians will still need to know the basics of their trade. Technology might advance but the fundamental skills of what makes up an electrician will always be at their core.

System integration

Smart technology is becoming more prevalent on the market and integrating these systems into the home, office or commercial building will be a key skill. The electrician of the future will know how to integrate different systems from different providers together to make sure that they can talk and understand one another.

It won’t just be your day to day electricians on the job either. There will be specialists who work solely in the different fields, such as system integration or as you will see in our next point, building automation.

Building Automation

Homes are getting smarter and the electrician of the future will know how to fine tune all the components of an intelligent home to play together like a conductor in an orchestra.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the revolution waiting to happen. Imagine a world where every system talks to each other and learns from your habits to make life easier for you.

What impact will the Internet of Things have in the future? Read our blog to find out more here.

Installing data

The electrician of the future will have the knowledge to install products which capture data, such as energy meters.

Within the electrical industry there is growing demand from the client to the designer, to install products which allow the end user to monitor and manage their energy consumption in an easy to read format, allowing anyone to take control of their energy performance.

An electrician of tomorrow will know which products to choose, how to install these and be able to teach their client how to read this data effectively so they can get the best out of their energy performance.

Self learning

As technology moves forward, so will electricians.

Even though new technology will come onto the market, there will always be something fresh just around the corner. The electrician of the future will need to take responsibility for their own self improvement.

Learning new technologies, adjusting to new installation techniques by attending webinars and training themselves to install systems which fulfil the desires of their client.

What do you think the electrician of the future will look like? Are there any skills you think we have missed out? Drop us a tweet at @hageruk and join the debate.
Author: David Evans
Posted: 30th June 2016
Get in contact: info@hager.co.uk | Twitter