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Welcome to our blog. Explore what we have to say about what’s going on in our industry. Colleagues and guest authors will be on hand discussing their views on recent developments, debating the latest news and offering help and advice on important industry matters.

Would you like to contribute? Email info@hager.co.uk

HagerGang goes from strength to strength

Hager's Innovative and growing social media community, HagerGang, continues to shine. David Evans discusses how this initiative is impacting the industry, digitally.

What you need to know about our Reduced Height RCBO

Following the launch of our Reduced Height RCBO, we look at the key things you need to know about our latest protection device.

Highlights of the 18th Edition DPC - Part 2

In Part Two of Hager’s Paul Collins analysis of the Draft for Public Comment for the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations, he looks at some of the further proposed changes which have been suggested to come into effect in January 2019.

The Importance of Surge Protection

Surge protection is important. More commerical projects than ever before are now actively considering ways they can protect valuable electrical equipment from power surges, which can crash hard drives and modems and also ruin appliances. Paul Collins, Technical Support and Training Manager at Hager gives an overview of this crucial technology.

Highlights of the 18th Edition DPC - Part 1

In the first of a new series, Paul Collins, Technical and Training Manager at Hager, looks further at some of the proposed changes highlighted in the Draft for Public Comment for the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations.

5 things we learned at ELEX in Exeter

We headed down south to the Elex Show in Exeter and we learned a few things on the way, five things in fact.

Building automation. The contractor's view

Building automation is an emerging technology in the electrical industry. What is a contractor's point of view on these systems? We spoke to Mark Bailey from ABM 4 Electrical Limited for his take.

What have you BIM waiting for?

BIM or 'Building Information Modelling' is a process being used more in the design of buildings. How does it work and what is the future for BIM? Hager's Darren Palmer explains further.

Breaking the myths of building automation and KNX

Building automation is an industry hot topic right now, but some still have their doubts. Hager's Technical Support Engineer Matt Price helps to dis-spell some of the myths surroundings building automation and KNX.

5 things you need to know about Surge Protection

Protecting electronic devices has never been so important and surge protection can help. We explain what you need to know about surge protection.

5 reasons why you need to tap into the Hager Gang

Our social media community #HagerGang is growing by the day. We explain why you need to tap into their potential.

6 creative ways you can promote wiring accessories

Adding a variety of wiring accessories can enhance the electrical experience for your client. We discuss how you can up-sell wiring accessories on your next project to the benefit for your client.

5 things we learned at ELEX at the Alexandra Palace in London

We made the first stop on our Elex Show 2017 tour at the iconic Alexandra Palace in London at the end of January. Here are the five things we learned from our first tour date.

How going for the long term will get you better results in the future

We discuss how educating your client in choosing a product which has long term benefits will offer them and you better results in the future.

Value Engineering. What is it and how it can work for you.

Looking for a way to get the best out of a project with reduced costs and better materials? We explain how 'value engineering' can help you achieve this on your next project.

The year ahead. An electrical outlook for 2017.

What could the following year bring for our industry and what changes could we see happen? Hager's Darren Palmer discusses the trends we could see in the electrical industry in 2017.

5 remarkable devices you can fit into a consumer unit this winter

There are many ways you can enhance the electrical experience for your customers this winter. We tell you the five devices you can fit in a consumer unit this season that you may not know about.

Working safely in the winter. The Hager Gang forum.

How can you work safely this winter? In the first of a new series, #HagerGang members share their top tips and advice for working this winter.

The exciting possibilities of building automation

A building which thinks for itself? Building automation is becoming more of a reality by the day. We explain what you need to know about building automation.

Consultancy. Today and in the future.

Consultants play a big part in helping a building come to life but how is their industry shaping up and what does the future hold for consultancy in the electrical world? We spoke to David Warner from Sine Consultants to find out more.

Designing the Design 50

What goes into designing a new consumer unit? We spoke to Paul Rooney, Engineering Manager and John Appleton, Product Design Engineer at Hager to get behind the design of Design 50.

What you need to know about LED Lights

LED is continuing to grow and is about to become dominant in the lighting market. We explain the key points you need to know about this emerging technology.

5 Things we learned at ELEX in Coventry

We recently attended the Elex show in Coventry. What did we learn? David Evans explains the five things we found out...

The Future Connected

Guest author Alex Carter from Durable Technologies shares his predictions for the future of lighting control systems.

A detailed look at the current residential housing market

Hager's Darren Palmer assesses the current landscape of the residential housing market.

What's next for Brexit and the construction Industry?

What benefits or implications could happen for the construction industry since the Brexit vote? Hager's Darren Palmer takes a closer look.

A day in the life with a Hager Sales Engineer

There is never a 'typical' day at Hager. We spent a few hours with Simon Parker, Sales and Specifications Manager at Hager, to find out more.

Why Power and Lighting Boards are perfect for education projects

When specifying your latest education project, choose a power and lighting board. We explain why these boards are ideal.

Absence and Presence. What's the difference?

Absence and presence detectors offer different solutions, but what's the difference? We explain what you need to know.

Why it's hip to be square

Here at Hager we prefer square knockouts for our consumer units. David Evans found out why.

5 things we learned at ELEX in Harrogate

We recently attended the Elex show in Harrogate. What did we learn? David Evans explains the five things we found out.

Electrical apprenticeships and the future - The apprentices view

Continuing our series of pieces on training and the future of electrics, David Evans spoke to two Hager apprentices on their view of apprenticeships and what the electrician of the future could look like.

Electrical apprenticeships and the future - A tutor's view

What is involved in a electrical apprenticeship and what could the scheme look like in the future? David Evans sat down with a tutor from a leading electrical training provider to find out more.

Forms of Segregation - What you need to know

Are you looking to find out more about the meaning of 'Forms of Segregation'? David Evans helps to break it down for you.

What the electrician of the future could look like

Here at Hager we decided to gaze into our crystal ball to see what the electrician of the future could look like. David Evans explains what he saw.

All you need to know about Power over Ethernet

Power your devices just by using one cable? Power over Ethernet is making that a reality. David Evans explains what you need to know about PoE.

Why commissioning is vital for your lighting install

With the lighting market growing by the day, what are the implications in terms of commissioning for projects? We sat down with Steve Dyson, Commercial Market Manager for Hager, to discuss this further.

What you need to know about Bluetooth LE

A decade ago Bluetooth was a revolution. Now it is making a comeback. David Evans looks at Bluetooth LE and what the future holds for this technology.

Can you ‘Torque’ the Talk and Walk the Walk?

Did you know that the way you fit a screw connection can impact on the safety of the fitting? David Evans looks at how you can make sure that your next screw connection is the right one.

Why Klik LCM will strengthen your next project

Klik's Lighting Control System has many benefits for your next project. David Evans explains why you should choose Klik LCM.

Putting ourselves to the test

Did you know that Hager has its own laboratory based in Telford? David Evans shares five things you might not have known about our product testing process.

DALI and DSI - What you need to know

Are you unsure about your DALI's and your DSI's? David Evans is here with a simple guide to lighting control.

LED Lighting is changing the industry and you need to be involved

LED Lighting is continuing to grow and create an impact on the industry. Commercial Market Manager Steve Dyson explains more.

5 things you need to know about our E-catalogue and Pulse Apps

Create and design your latest project just with the tap of your screen. Find out more about Hager's E-Catalogue and Pulse Apps here.

5 ways we can embrace the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the revolution waiting to happen. David Evans looks at how the electrical industry can benefit from the opportunities it will create.

Frauds danger the short circuiting of the industry

Counterfeiters could be doing more harm to the electrical contractor industry than we think. Darren Palmer assesses the impact in his first blog.