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5 things you need to know about our E-catalogue and Pulse Apps

Here at Hager we have some great tools which will help you to stay up to date and find out more about our latest services and solutions
Hager has a range of products to choose from, but which one would be best for you?

Our E-catalogue and Pulse Apps are free to download for both iOS and Android and we thought we could highlight some of the key features that you may not have known about.

1. Search and Compare Products

Hager has a range of products to choose from, but which one would be best for you?

Our E-catalogue app gives you the opportunity to easily search for products just by using their part reference or even a description, and you can compare these against other Hager products so you can find the right one for your next project.

2. Personalised project list

Compile all the gear you will need for your latest project. The E-Catalogue app allows you to choose and add Hager products to a personalised project list.

All products selected in a project list are automatically synced to your online Hager account. This means that your project lists are accessible on all of your devices, PC, tablet and phone. You can even email your project so you can keep track of your latest work. Emailed projects will also include any documents, such as PDF’s, which go with our products so you or your client have all of the information they need.

3. Benefit from online and offline features

Our E-catalogue still works a treat whether you’re connected or not.

Once the app are installed, the data can be viewed when you’re offline. So whether you’re on site with a poor internet signal, an empty field or where there is no Wi-Fi available (who would do such a thing?), you can browse our catalogue at a click of a button.

When you do get connected, our E-catalogue constantly updates so you will always benefit from the most up to date version.
4. Create your own catalogue with Pulse

Pulse gives you the power to create a custom made Hager catalogue, from all of our brochures, thanks to our ‘Mass Bookmarking mode’.

Simply bookmark your chosen pages from our range of catalogues and our app will put these together in your own personal PDF. You can then email this PDF to anyone in the world.

5. Sharing our catalogues is easy with Pulse

When it comes to sharing our catalogues, Pulse has a nifty little trick up its sleeve.

Rather than sending the whole catalogue, Pulse will share it via email as a web link straight to a PDF.

You and your colleagues or clients won’t have to download a large file and twiddle your thumbs whilst the loading signs repeats in front of your eyes, It will just take a couple of clicks.
Our E-Catalogue is available on mobile and tablet whilst our Pulse App is available on tablet only.

That’s just some of the great features our E-Catalogue and Pulse Apps have to offer. To find out more and download for free, click on the links below.
Author: David Evans
Posted: 6th June 2016
Get in contact: info@hager.co.uk | Twitter