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5 things we learned from ELEX at the Alexandra Palace in London

We made the first stop on our Elex Show 2017 tour at the iconic Alexandra Palace in London at the end of January. Here are the five things we learned from our first tour date.
A new year sees the Elex Show back on the road. We got the Hager band back together and set off on our first tour date at the iconic Alexandra Palace in London. It was the first Elex Show of 2017, and it was a great opportunity for us to gain some valuable insight into the latest talking points and issues affecting the industry as we start the new year.

Elex is a touring exhibition which provides a range of businesses, including electricians and wholesalers the chance to see the latest and greatest from the electrical industry, try out new products and gain key insight into industry developments. 

It was an eventful couple of days in London where we meet lots of great visitors and learnt a lot about what’s going on in the industry. In fact, we learned five key things, and here they are:

1. Delighted for Design 50

Our array of multi-coloured Design 50 boards enticed the crowds.

The latest addition to our Design range of consumer units, Design 50 received some superb feedback from visitors to our stand. Many were impressed by the design of the flush mounted unit, which comes with a separate back box to fit into the wall and a removable chassis to aid installation.
Available in any RAL colour, up to five anodised effects or it can be vinyl wrapped in any custom design, visitors commented on how forward thinking the Design 50 board was.

Find out more about Design 50, the consumer unit that has people talking here.

2. Amendment 3 is still a hot topic

Amendment 3 came into effect in January 2016, and amongst many other things saw consumer units needing to be housed in a non-combustible material.

There were still concerns being raised about how this applied to glanding, trunking and intumescent seals in order to prevent a fire, as well as installing the board correctly to meet the changes to these regulations.

We have a whole resource of material available to help answer these questions. ‘MythBreakers’ is series of videos to help answer the numerous ‘myths’ you may have heard about with the changes to Amendment 3 of the wiring regulations.

Find out more here.

3. Innovative unique neutral loop terminal

Our wide range of Sollysta wiring accessories were on display and visitors were impressed by the unique neutral loop terminal in place across our Sollysta range.

Our unique neutral loop terminal is available to help you to terminate the neutral conductor at the back of the switch rather than with a connector block inside a wall or ceiling accessory. This takes up extra space and can often be difficult to access.

Find out more about the neutral loop terminal here.

4. Planning for the long term

Visitors to our stand were really impressed with what we had to offer but some talked about how they needed to balance out demands, in particular cost, from their clients.

At Elex we explained the benefits of speaking to clients about the advantages of installing quality products which provided long term benefits, such as energy savings, and longevity in use. With Hager you will always get quality and with our ranges, such as our Design range of consumer units and occupancy sensors, your clients can benefit from savings in the long term which they may not think about upfront.

You can read our blog on how installing products for the long term can reap rewards for you and your customer in the future here.

5. Lets ‘Torque’

When discussing our Design range of consumer units, one of the most popular questions we received were about the correct torque setting and making sure the right connection was in place.

If a connection is not tight enough, it can create hotspots and arcing. However, if the connection is too tight, you might find that you crush the conductor causing a hotspot and increasing the risk of it snapping.

We were delighted to tell visitors that our consumer units now come with the torque settings inside the unit, meaning that you can always be sure of the correct settings when installing one of our units.

We also have further information on how to make sure you can get the right connection on your next installation, read it here.

Fancy seeing what we have to offer you on your next installation? Find out when we are exhibiting in your area here.
Author: David Evans
Posted: 6th February 2017
Get in contact: info@hager.co.uk | Twitter