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5 remarkable devices you can fit into a consumer unit this winter

There are many ways you can enhance the electrical experience for your customers this winter. We tell you the five devices you can fit in a consumer unit this season that you may not know about.
The winter months can bring their own set of challenges. The darker and colder days create an increase in demand for energy with lighting and heating needs requiring 10,000 MW more than in the summer months. Homeowners want an electrical experience which can cover these demands while providing savings.

At Hager we have a variety of devices that you may not know about that can enhance your customers electrical experience this winter. Not only can they benefit from the functions these devices provide, but your business reputation will grow by simply pre-empting their needs this season.

Here are a list of the top five devices that you can install inside a consumer unit this winter:
Time switches

With a time switch a customer can set when a certain light circuit will illuminate.

For example, a circuit can be set to turn on and off between a certain timeframe and illuminate a room, giving the illusion that a property is occupied. This will help to fend off unwanted visitors who may be targeting that building for the wrong reasons.

These switches can also be used to help with decoration. For example, lights for a pond or a water feature can be set to illuminate during certain periods of an evening. Outside lights and Christmas decorations can also be turned on and off during the dark evenings without the customer’s manual instruction required.

We have a wide variety of time switches available such as astronomical, digital and electromechanical. Take a look at our different time switches here.
Emergency Light

Imagine the scene. There has been a power cut. You try to make your way through your home in the middle of the night to find the consumer unit. The light on your phone is in one hand, the other is trying to hold open the consumer unit door to see what has happened. It’s a balancing act at the worse time of the day.

Emergency light modules can help take away this hassle. These modules will light up in the event of a power failure and will provide the customer with the opportunity to identify the nature of their fault.

This module can also be removed from the unit, still illuminated, and help the customer to see their board. The device can also be used as an extra light around the home to accompany the numerous candles being used until the power is restored.

Power cuts might be rare, but these modules can come in handy if it happens.

Find out more here.
Surge Protection

Surge protection devices (SPD’s) help to protect electronic equipment from electrical interferences or ‘transients’.

These devices protect electronic equipment from premature aging, downtime or scenario’s such as a spike voltage. If a building is near a factory or a large installation, a surge from a spike voltage could affect the electrical equipment in your customers building, causing damage and the need to buy replacements.

If your customer works from home, talk to them about the need to protect their work. If a surge caused their computer to short circuit, they could lose valuable files which would set their business back. Having this kind of protection in the home is worthwhile and can bring the peace of mind.

SPD’s are separated into three types of mains protection and can be installed directly after the main incoming switch or RCCB. To help you to understand surge protection we have also produce a handy guide which can be downloaded from here.

Find out more about surge protection here.
Electronic Thermostats

You may not know that a rooms temperature can be controlled through a module fitted inside a consumer unit.

Electronic thermostats can be used for any application that requires temperature control, including cold or steam rooms. Customers can set the temperature of these rooms through the consumer unit without the need for additional equipment.

Check out our range of electronic thermostats here.

Sometimes only the right kind of lighting will work.

Dimmer modules attached to a chosen circuit allow your customer to control the level of light they use in a particular room, helping to create the perfect setting.

Our dimmer modules can work with a variety of lighting sources such as incandescent, florescent and LED lamps and come with numerous features, such as, automatic load recognition, a ‘softstart’ which helps to increase the working life of a lamp, the ability to memorise the last dimming level and protection against overheating.

Find out more about our dimmer modules here.
Author: David Evans
Posted: 6th January 2017
Get in contact: info@hager.co.uk | Twitter