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Design Range of Consumer Units

The Hager Design range of consumer units includes surface, dual row and flush options, with multiple solutions based around application requirements. Whether the unit is required simply for functionality or whether aesthethics are to be considered, we have the right solution for you.

Designed for Safety

  • Health & Safety Lock

The optional health & safety lock provides the ability to isolate circuits and secure the consumer unit prior to occupation of property. This elegant solution utilises the form and function of the Design 30 to enable multifunction locking whilst maintaining its original aesthetic.

  • Cable protector plate

The cable protector plate is quick to install and provides an enhanced method for bringing cables into the rear of the consumer unit. Simply remove a rear knockout and clip the cable protector plate into place. The cable protector is provided as standard with all Design 30 consumer units and available as an optional extra in the Design 10 range.

  • 18th Edition Compliant

The Design range of consumer units enable compliance to 18th Edition Amendment of the wiring regulations, BS 7671. Find out more about the 18th Edition regulations

  • Cable Clamp

Prevents any movement of meter tails being transmitted to the terminals of the main switch.

  • Door

Unlatched to ensure the door is always left in the closed position maintaining the non-combustable integrity of the unit.

Designed for Installation

Watch the Installation Video

  • Grommet Strip

Included with every consumer unit to provide a safe edge for cable entry with any knockout.

  • Locate and hold cover

Locates and holds the cover in location during installation, reducing the risk of damage and leaving both hands free to fix the cover to the base (only available on Design 30).

  • Multiple fixing points

Enabling easy and accurate installation whether fitting in new or existing buildings.

  • Rear Knockouts

Rear knockouts remove easily and safely and provide ample cabling capacity for any installation.

  • Top Knockouts

Accommodate the most commonly used domestic trunking (25mm x 40mm, 50mm x 50mm & 100mm x 50mm). Located towards the rear of the board to ensure alignment with the trunking, the spacing of the knockouts has been designed to enable the larger trunking to bridge any two adjacent knockouts.

  • Bottom Knockouts

Allow entry of meter tails and main earth conductor with grommet strip installed. Designed to suit 25mm x 40mm trunking.

  • Cable space

A hallmark of any Hager consumer unit has always been ample cable space, especially relevant if you are fitting RCBOs. This continues with the Design range of consumer units.

  • Full Metal DIN Rail

Robust and secure, ensuring no deformation providing correct alignment of devices.

Designed for Aesthetics

  • Stylish Design

Our tapered cover and door on the Design 30 offers a refreshing and pleasing aesthetic not traditionally associated with a metal unit.

  • Door plate

Stylish multi purpose door plate not only enhances the look of the Design 30 range but also provides a simple and innovative solution for multiple locking options such as health & safety lock or key lock.

  • Without knockouts

Additionally the Design 30 range is available without knockouts top and bottom knockouts for those installations where the board is clearly visible in the home. Maintaining the stylish clean line look and feel of the unit.