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Panel Mounting

All our plug-in three phase current transformers have been designed with hole centres and apertures to fit most standard industrial circuit breakers.

1. Power-up your meter:

Plug the ready-made 'supply' lead connector into your meter. Connect the other, ferrule tipped, ends to the supply, not forgetting to use the correct fuses, and you're done.

2. Simple plugability:

Plug one end of the RJ45 lead into the multifunction power meter and the other end into the three-phase current transformers and you're done - it's that simple.

3. More than one meter:

Plug the ready-made 'linking' lead connector from your first meter to your second meter.

4. Daisy chaining:

Power up to 32 energy meters from a single power source.

*Illustration only - device should be correctly fused. (JF130VMF)