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Simple and Practical

Add-on Block
Combining the essential elements of modular design and functionality, the hager One Module Add-On Block provides simple & practical usability and uncompromised safety aspects.

Recognising the need for three phase earth leakage protection, the necessity to reduce installation time & importantly the distribution board size, hager introduces a product that delivers all the attributes of earth leakage protection that pairs effortlessly to any circuit breaker up to 63A.

Quick Tips

BS7671 Regulation 415.1.1 prescribes that where additional protection is required (e.g. for socket outlets with a rated current not exceeding 20A for general use by ordinary persons), the RCD providing protection shall have a residual operating current not exceeding 30mA.
Keep it simple
Many brands require specific part numbers for current ratings & sensitivities. Hager makes it easy; one Add-On Block suits any hager MCB combination, 6kA, 10kA, C curve or D curve up to 63A. What could be simpler?
Do the maths
The AOB + MCB combination provides the protective characteristics of both devices, thereby protecting the distribution boards entire circuit and removing the need to wire between DIN mounted RCD & MCB. This results in a significant reduction of time, labour and the size & cost of the socket outlet (no RCD module).
Added safeguard
The 'Type A' Add-On Block gives the added protection against any ‘pulsating DC component’ generating from such loads as; power tools, motor speed controllers etc.
3+1=smaller enclosures
The One Module Add-On Block + MCB combination only requires four poles, unlike many other devices that demand up to 7 poles.
Distribution Boards
One Module Add-On Block + MCB combinations suit all hager distribution boards.