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Occupancy Sensors

Pluggable standard and digital:

The EEK range of sensors should be mounted in the centre of the group of luminaires to be controlled and the optimum all round coverage is achieved with the unit mounted at a heigh of 2.5m. The coverage for these sensors at this height is approximately 5m diameter for small movement such as working at a desk, and 7m for larger movements such as walking.

What can a Hager occupancy sensor do?


How to program your occupancy sensor?

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Integral Photocell

Automatic lighting control which can provide energy savings by not operating when sufficient light levels exist.

Digital Switching

Up to 24 DSI or DALI ballasts. Automatic detection of ballast type.


Hidden behind a discreet sliding cover the potentiometers allow limited control of sensors.


High sensitivity detection will react to small movements, such as somebody working at a desk. Motion detection will react to larger movements, such as walking.

Lux setting via remote

Allows set point to be increased of decreased 100 lux steps on digital light fittings from the EEK001 remote programmer. Makes adjustment of photocell set point convenient.

EEK001 Programming Tool

Programming tool is easy to use with 2 memory settings to enable repeatability.

Time out adjustment

Wide operating range to suit most commercial applications. Allows overrun of lighting to be customised to installation.

EEK002 Remote Control

Comes with a wall mounting bracket for storage and allows room occupant to have control of lighting.