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Klik.LCM Features

Klik LCM’s (Lighting Control Module) enable the control of an area with up to 4 different control groups. Each group of outputs can control standard switched and/ or digital dimmable (DALI/DSI) luminaires. The control module can be connected to up to 4 occupancy sensors and up to 4 wall switch overrides (double retractive, centre off). Any switch or occupancy sensor can be assigned to any output. The programming is carried out with iPad/ iPad mini and communicates with the LCM via Bluetooth.
On/Off Switching.
Each channel is capable of being switched via one of 4 or more switch inputs.
Presence and Absence Sensing.
Each output channel can be set to Presence or Absence individually.
Sensor with integral lux sensor.
This allows daylight dimming and switching utilising any natural light available
Dimming – DSI, DALI (Broadcast).
Broadcast on the required channel to all connected luminaire
Scene Setting.
4 lighting scenes are possible (plus global Up/Down-On/Off) controlled via centre-off
2 pole retractive grid switch modules and 2 separate Scene profiles are available.
Partition Switch Function.
This allows total and separate control of a room with a partition and switch fitted.
Corridor Hold Function.
Linking LCMs with RJ45 lead to hold designated corridor area.
Variable burn in up to 250 hrs.
Allows dimmable luminaires to be set to burn in as per luminaire manufacturer
Integral Emergency Test Timers.
Emergency test carried out via an emergency test switch (can be set for up
to 5 hours). Whilst on test the other luminaires will dim to a pre-set value.
Light Level Offset between Channels.
This function allows phasing channels to set as a percentage of the
lead channel. (E.g. 10%, 60%, 80%, 100%)
3 Level Timeout.
At timeout, lighting can turn Off or Dim down in three stages.

Easy to Configure

Kliklink app makes setting up easy, utilising bluetooth connectivity.