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Not all meter box switches
are created equal

Designing the best solution goes beyond the installed product. By paying attention to how it is fitted we can ensure that the installer leaves the customer with a safer solution. That's what we mean by safer by design.

New Build Simplicity

Quite simply you can fit the meter and Hager meter box switch when it suits you.

  • There is no need to wait for the electrician to install the meter tails and consumer unit.
  • There is no reason to co-ordinate your visit with the electrician on site.
For new build the energy supplier can fit the supply side cabling into the switch, ensure it is secure using the cable clamps and fit a cover with a tamper proof screw. They can also further seal the supply side by using a wire security seal guaranteeing safety.

By leaving the switch locked off, the on site electrician is then free to fit meter tails and the consumer unit when they choose and also energise the property when it suits them and the housebuilder.

And in addition, cable clamps, self tapping screws and the ability to accept 16mm², 25mm² or 35mm² cables makes it simple to fit.

Benefits of an Isolator Switch

Traditionally properties will have a cut out fuse and meter installed. When it comes to de-energising the supply either the property owner or the electrician has to call the supplier to arrange a site visit.

The advantages of having a meter box switch installed are:

  • Time saving
There is no need to wait for the energy supplier to attend.

  • Cost saving
Avoid incurring any call out charges.

  • No illegal tampering
There is no temptation for any party to remove the cut out fuse.

  • No temptation to work live
Using our meter box switch the supply can be isolated leaving safe access to the meter tails between the load side of the switch and the consumer unit for maintenance, repair or replacement.

  • Faster connection
For new properties the service head, meter and isolating switch can be installed and left energised awaiting connection of the electrical installation.