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The achitecture of a KNX automation installation:

Flexibility and Scalability
The architecture of a KNX building automation installation is based on an original principle, separation of the power and control circuits. This approach provides a distinct advantage: the possibility to change the installation at any time.

Modify and enrich

Unlike traditional systems, a KNX installation does not physically link the control with the function. All the controls are grouped on the bus (wired or wireless).
The goal is to release the potential restricted by command / function association.
Changing the configuration or adding new
control points is then achieved simply and
without additional work.
The benefits:
  • Time savings
  • Scalability of installations
    without additional work

Integrating linked universes

In a KNX installation, other features such as intrusion and technical alarms, video surveillance, multi-room functions, videophones or even home maintenance systems can be easily integrated via dedicated gateways.
The benefits:
  • Enrichment of capabilities
  • Access to other markets
  • Business development