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DIN Rail Mounting
Single & Split Load Input

All our plug-in three phase current transformers have been designed with hole centres and apertures to fit most standard industrial circuit breakers.

1. Two Inputs into one Meter:

The split load meter allows the connection of two, three phase current transformers to one meter. Typical applications include split load distribution boards.

2. Simple plugability:

Plug one end of the RJ45 lead into the multifunction power meter and the other end into the three-phase current transformers and you're done - it's that simple.

3. Power-up your meter:

Plug the ready-made 'supply' lead connector into your meter. Connect the other, ferrule tipped, ends to the supply, not forgetting to use the correct fuses, and you're done.

4. More than one meter:

Plug the ready-made 'linking' lead connector from your first meter to your second meter.

5. Daisy chaining:

Power up to 32 energy meters from a single power source.

*Illustration only - device should be correctly fused. (JF130VMF)