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Benefits of tebis.KNX

Using bus technology provides a series of benefits over conventional installation practices, as mentioned below.

“Be inspired by what you can do in every type of building”

Hager makes things easy with our tebis.KNX system range.

Our system is flexible and expandable so it can grow with you as your needs change. Whether it’s for a residential or commercial building, managing energy and resources has to encompass flexibility.

A tebis.KNX system can be programmed in any number of ways to suit your buildings lifestyle whilst also introducing efficiencies that can over time result in significant energy and financial savings for you.

KNX is an established standard everywhere, and one that our whole tebis.KNX system range is fluent in. We can offer you the following solutions:

  • ‘Quicklink’ is a home automation system ideal for retro-fit, renovation and single room solutions. Easy to use radio operation offers control of applications for lighting, shutters and blinds
  • ‘Easy’offers the next stage of functionality and is used for basic performance in buildings, larger residential properties and new builds. The easy configuration software is as you expect, easy to use and you don’t need any hardware or ETS software
  • ‘System’ programming extends this capability further and is used for complex functionality in commercial and large scale buildings
In order to realise efficiencies you can see over the lifetime of a building, the design of a solution should simplify the process for making changes quickly and efficiently.

A tebis.KNX system from Hager represents intelligent design, improved flexibility, simplified installation and reliable performance.

Whether you are an architect, building owner, contractor, designer, and/or an end user, tebis.KNX can support you with:
  • Reducing operating costs to gain potential energy savings through lighting and heating management, i.e. only switched on when needed depending on time profiles and/or actual presence. Further savings can be gained through controlling lighting LUX levels automatically in relation to the intensity of daylight, maintaining a specified minimum level of brightness at each work place and reducing energy consumption
  • Reduced design and installation time by interlinking all communicating devices with a single bus architecture. Independent Engineering Tool Software (ETS) allows the design, engineering and configuration of installations containing KNX certified products. A system integrator is able to combine products of different manufacturers with different communication media (twisted pair, radio frequency, power line or IP/Ethernet) into one installation
  • Future developments requiring new applications or to extend the installation as new components become available can be easily connected
Whatever the building, tebis.KNX can open up new opportunities for building control systems while keeping the costs at a manageable level.

It can provide solutions that can only be realised with considerable effort with conventional installation techniques and via a single touch panel and all applications in the home or building can be controlled allowing new ways to increase comfort, safety and energy savings.