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Benefits of tebis.KNX

Using bus technology provides a series of benefits over conventional installation practices, as mentioned below.

Hager: smart design is even easier

Smart design when managing energy and resources in residential and commercial buildings has to encompass flexibility. In order to realise genuine efficiencies over the true lifetime of a building, smart design should simplify the process for making changes, quickly and efficiently. A Tebis KNX automation system from Hager represents intelligent design, improved flexibility, simplified installation and reliable performance… all with great looks. Tebis creates peace of mind for everyone involved in the specification and design of modern buildings.

A Tebis automation system delivers the ultimate smart home management for lighting, electrical, security, heating, air conditioning, entertainment and so much more. A Tebis system can be programmed in any number of ways to suit your buildings lifestyle whilst also introducing efficiencies that over time result in significant energy and financial savings for you. As an industry leader in smart home management, your Hager Tebis system is flexible and expandable to grow as your needs change. Tebis is manufactured to ensure that your system is future proof for new and exciting advances that you may want in your home in years to come. A Tebis system will provide you and your family the ultimate in smart home design and peace of mind

Tebis: be inspired by what you can do

KNX international standard

KNX is the worldwide international standard for building and home control. The world’s leading manufacturers support the KNX standard within their product designs to future proof their products by ensuring that they will work seamlessly with tomorrow’s technology. KNX is an approved International Standard (ISO/IEC14543-3)