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Possible Applications:

Suited to a variety of scenarios.

Classroom/Conference Room

Functional Needs:
Wall switch to switch on/off (x2) or switch on with wall switch / off automatically with ability to dim up & down all lights when occupied. Dim front row (next to screen) Dim lights next to windows when sufficient daylight.

Open Office

Light auto on when occupied
Dimming only where near window 20 minutes time out to 50% the after 30 mins off. Solution: If corridor linked LCM, if not, 2x KLMB & 2x occupancy sensors (no wall switches)


Functional Needs:
Lights auto on/auto off when occupied/unoccupied with min timeout of 40 mins to off. Solution: KLMB6 + occupancy sensor or KLCM + occupancy sensor

Private Office

Functional Needs:
Office permenantly occupied 9am to 5pm, lights only come on if switched by wall switch, switch off automatically after time out. Corridor must stay lit when any ground floor office is occupied. Solution: Klik LCM linked to other offices & corridor/stair well, with retractive on/off switch and 1 x occupancy sensor set to absence.


Functional Needs:
Occasionally occupied but lighting needs to be on from 9-5pm and then some lights timed off and some dimmed. Solution:
LCM with two profiles & daylight dimming at front. or standard Klik (digital sensor)

Meeting Room

Functional Needs:
Occasional use manual, switch on, auto off (After time out). Dim all lights and ability, to dim from 20%, 50%, 80% front to back. Solution: KLCM or KNX (to control blinds).