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The role of lighting in energy consumption

Extensive research has been conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) on the role of lighting in energy consumption and has published in its Energy Efficiency in Lighting report:
“The total number of units of electricity consumed by the lighting installation will be affected by the length of time the lighting is switched on, which depends on the amount of daylight that is present and whether the room is occupied, but also whether there are suitable controls, either manual or automatic, to ensure optimum lighting conditions without lights being left on unnecessarily.”

In the service sector up to 40% of electricity is used for lighting alone so taking effective control of this can make significant savings in energy and reduce costs.

Simple but effective lighting controls can include time switches, dimmers and programmers, and can provide significant benefits in the reduction of energy. Additionally they are easy to use and can be installed either in new or retrofit applications.

More automated solutions can be provided with occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, pre-programmed light levels and zoned lighting control with specifically designed lighting systems, which can be designed in at the new build stage or installed later as a retro fit.

Trade Associations

As a major player in the Electrical Distribution Industry Hager is an active member in a number of UK Trade Associations.