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During Design
When designing lighting control and connections, certain aspects should be considered such as room size, natural daylight available, switching requirements and if lighting should be automatically or manually controlled.

  • Quick and easy access to technical information including comprehensive datasheets via the online catalogue.
  • Dedicated Technical Services team provide assistance to reduce time during the design phase.
  • With Klik the growth possibilities are endless as the lighting control can scale up as the building develops. This eliminates the need to completely remove existing systems and spend precious time replacing them.
  • Klik includes a fully prefabricated wiring system, this means that it has the capability to be fully pluggable from distribution board to luminaire and is covered under BS8488:2009:A1:2010
During Installation
Common installation tasks include fixed/ prefabricated wiring, lighting connection and connection of control inputs.

  • Time investigating installation connection errors is reduced as Klik is a plug-in pre-wired system.
  • Klik is factory assembled and 100% tested, reducing on-site connection errors.
  • Reduces time to prepare cables on site as all leads are pre-wired.
  • The Lighting Control Module (LCM) is a quick to install one box solution
  • The LCM burn in timer function allows variable burn in (up to 250 hours) allowing dimmable luminaires to be set to burn in as per luminaire manufacturer requirements.
  • Fully pluggable pre-fabricated wiring systems have been proven to save up to 50% of time on site.
During commissioning
Most lighting control requires commissioning. Hager has easy to use programming tools to allow quick and easy commissioning whether completed by the contractor or a commissioning engineer.

  • Klik can be commissioned by the electrical contractor, meaning there is no need for specialist commissioning engineers.
  • Simple to use hand held programming tools increase commissioning speed.
  • Dedicated regional Technical Engineers can provide training.
  • The Klik LCM comes ready to install with the most common pre-set profiles only a tap away.
During future maintenance and use
The us of a building can change over time, Klik has built in functionality to adapt with ease.

  • Klik has been designed for on-load isolation which allows individual light fittings to be removed for maintenance without affecting other fittings on the circuit.
  • On-load isolation allows individual emergency luminaries to be unplugged simulating a power failure during "walk tests”
  • Lighting setup can be easily modified to adapt to changes in room functionality with the handheld programming tools and KlikLink App.
  • The Klik LCM includes an automatic test facility speeding up emergency light testing.
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