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Lighting control design calls for systems that can be easily designed, installed and commissioned.

  • Klik is designed as a fully scalable system, enabling expansion of the system over time by adding additional pluggable marshalling boxes, leads and sensors
  • With building requirements changing over time (i.e differing use of office space or new tenants), Klik is the perfect system to meet these needs. As a reconfigurable system, it offers the ability to reprogram sensors and control modules to suit new layouts
  • The Klik Lighting Control Module is programmed via the KlikLink App offering unrivalled potential for tailored lighting requirements
  • Saving up to 50% of time on site, Klik enables resources, personnel and equipment, to be used more efficiently.
  • On-load isolation allows individual emergency luminaries to be unplugged, simulating a power failure during "walk tests”.
  • Individual light fittings can be unplugged on-load and removed for maintenance without affecting the other light fittings in the circuit.
  • The Hager in house design and application team offer guidance for finding the best Klik lighting control solution.
To meet every application, marshalling boxes, leads and sensors are available in many combinations.

  • UK based warehouse with large standard stock available through a wide national distribution network.
  • A wide range of pre-wired lead lengths available to suit the most common applications.
  • Klik can be used with all types of luminaires; LED, Incandescent, Halogen Lamp and Fluorescent Lamp etc.
Klik products include; 4 Pin range of marshalling boxes, leads and sensors for standard (non-dimming) applications, plus the 7 Pin range of marshalling boxes, leads, sensors and lighting control module for both standard and digital (dimming) applications.

  • Klik has wire-in and plug-in options offering choice. Furthermore 7 pin offers the flexibility for future building scalability.
  • Klik suits both standard and digital applications.
  • Integration of wall switches and occupancy sensors enables a combination of manual and automatic room control.
  • 7 Pin allows you to introduce additional occupancy sensors with ease when required at a later date.
  • Klik can be combined with KNX to increase your overall building flexibility
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