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Surge Protection & Kits

SPD’s protect electrical and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning, switching of transformers, lighting and motors. These transients can cause premature ageing of equipment, downtime, or complete destruction of electronic components and materials. SPDs are strongly recommended for installations that are exposed to transients, to protect sensitive and expensive electrical equipment such as TV, video, washing machines, Hi-Fi, PC, alarm etc.
The choice of SPD depends on a number of criteria such as:
  • The risk of lightening strikes
  • The exposure of the building to transients.
  • The sensitivity and value of the electrical equipment that requires protection.
  • Earthing system
  • Level of protection
The range of SPDs is separated into 3 types of protection:
1. Main protection - class 1 SPDs with higher discharge current (Imax 10/350), to evacuate as much of the transient overvoltages associated with lightening strikes
2. Main protection - class 2 SPDs with a discharge current (Imax 8/20), to evacuate as much of the transient overvoltage to earth as possible protection level (Up ≤ 1000V).
3. Main protection - class 3 To cut-down the transient surge as low as possible to protect very sensitive equipment.
Installation and Connection
  • The main protection SPDs are installed directly after the main incoming switch or RCCB (type S).
  • SPDs can be used in any supply system e.g TNCS, TNS, TT.
  • Connected in parallel to the equipment to be protected.
  • Protection is assured in both common and differential modes.
  • SPDs with Low Let Through Voltage Levels Type 3 protect very sensitive electronic equipment. This fine protection complements the main protection and can protect 1 or many electronic devices.
  • Optimal coordination is obtained when cascaded with a main protection device.
  • Replacement cartridges.
Discharge Current
  • Imax. 8kA (8/20 wave).
  • A green LED on the front face indicates the status of the SPD SP202N, connected in series with the equipment that needs to be protected (with a maximum line current of 25A). Protection is assured in both common and differential modes.
Replacement Cartridges
  • The replacement cartridges replace the cartridge in the main SPN* devices.
  • They allow simple replacement without the need to cut-off the power supply.
  • Cartridges are available for all discharge currents (40kA and 15kA) with and without condition indication.
  • A keying system exists to prevent a line cartridge being interchanged by mistake with a neutral one and visa versa neutral cartridges have a discharge current of 65kA.