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RCCB Add-on Blocks for MCB NBN, NCN, NDN

The AOB and MCB combination provides the protective characteristics of both devices, thereby protecting the entire circuit. This results in a significant reduction of time & cost required.
  • 3 Non-Adjustable sensitivities 30, 100 & 300mA
  • BS EN 61009 Appendix G
  • Selective (time delay) versions are available in 100mA & 300mA.

Single Pole RCCB Add-On Blocks

BD163T Add-on-block 3P 63A 30mA A 1mod EL
The one module Add-on Block (AOB) can be used in combination with any Hager 3P commercial range  10kA to 63A) product. The ‘Type A’ Add-On Block gives the added protection against any ‘pulsating DC component’ generating from such loads as; PCs, motor speed controllers, power tools etc.
  • One module Add-On Block + MCB combinations suit all Hager distribution boards.
  • BS EN 61009-1
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
BD163TEarth leakage add-on-block 3P 63A 30mA A Class 1mod Electronic359.15 £ / prt.
BE163TEarth leakage add-on-block 3P 63A 100mA A Class 1mod Electronic393.33 £ / prt.
BF163TEarth leakage add-on-block 3P 63A 300mA A Class 1mod Electronic444.65 £ / prt.

Double Pole RCCB Add-On Blocks

BD264 Add-on block 2P 63A 30mA AC
  • 2 pole = 2 Modules
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
BD264Earth leakage add-on block 2P 63A 30mA AC Class113.83 £ / prt.
BE264Earth leakage add-on block 2P 63A 100mA AC Class144.12 £ / prt.
BF264Earth leakage add-on block 2P 63A 300mA AC Class125.27 £ / prt.
BP264Earth leakage add-on block 2P 63A 300mA AC S Class131.36 £ / prt.
BN264Earth leakage add-on block 2P 63A 100mA AC S Class151.29 £ / prt.

Four Pole RCCB Add-On Blocks

BD464 Add-on block 4P 63A 30mA AC
  • 4 pole = 3 Modules
Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
BD464Earth leakage add-on block 4P 63A 30mA AC Class154.35 £ / prt.
BE464Earth leakage add-on block 4P 63A 100mA AC Class154.35 £ / prt.
BF464Earth leakage add-on block 4P 63A 300mA AC Class150.94 £ / prt.
BN464Earth leakage add-on block 4P 63A 100mA AC S Class162.12 £ / prt.
BP464Earth leakage add-on block 4P 63A 300mA AC S Class158.72 £ / prt.
*Data is subject to errors and technical modifications. Prices are trade price, exclusive of VAT.