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Cat ref.  Description Trade Price* 
MZ201Auxiliary contact 1C+1O 6A 240V AC45.38 £ / prt.
MZ202Alarm contact 1C+1O 6A 240V AC60.82 £ / prt.
MZ203Shunt trip 230-415V AC 110-130V DC45.38 £ / prt.
MZ204Shunt trip 24-48V AC 12-48V DC45.38 £ / prt.
MZ206Under voltage release 230V AC45.38 £ / prt.
MZN175Padlockable locking kit for MCB, RCCB and RCBO6.32 £ / prt.
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NDN116A MCB 1P 10kA D-16A 1M
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NDN120A MCB 1P 10kA D-20A 1M
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NDN125A MCB 1P 10kA D-25A 1M
MCB 1P 10kA D-25A 1M
NDN201A MCB 2P 10kA D-1A 2M
MCB 2P 10kA D-1A 2M
*Data is subject to errors and technical modifications. Prices are trade price, exclusive of VAT.