A Quick and Easy System
A Quick and Easy System
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As part of our building automation range, we have a family of products which can enhance your clients home or building experience.

QuickLink, Easy and System are all part of our KNX range and come with different benefits.

Quicklink is a home automation system ideal for retro-fit, renovation and single room solutions. It's simple configurtation means it doesn't require training, so you can get on with the job at hand.

Easy offers the next stage of functionality and can be used for basic performance in buildings, larger residential properties and new builds. It comes with an attractive interface and various installation options, so you will have the right options to tailor the indivdual needs of your customers.

System is an ETS high-end solution for residential and functional buildings which offers the technology to realise true energy savings through automation. Energy savings can be achieved for a building through digital lighting and heating, with the possibility that the installation can be changed at any time.

Discover how our range will offer your customers something to think about for their building.
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