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sollysta Wiring Accessories
sollysta Wiring Accessories

At Hager we strive to constantly innovate and that is why over the last few years, we have been expanding our popular range of sollysta wiring accessories, to meet all of your needs.

For instance, did you know that we have now included switches and sockets with LED rockers, grid dimmers and hotel keycards.
New in the sollysta range
Grid DimmersLED RockersHotel Keycard
Grid Dimmers
Grid dimmers are now available within the sollysta range. The sollysta grid dimmers allow multiple switching options within one grid plate and are available with either leading or trailing edge.

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Compatibility chart
LED Rockers
LED illuminated rockers can help to save energy by quickly identifying where appliances have been left on.

Unlike Neon illuminated rockers, the LED is built into a PCB housed within the socket. So there are no wires to snag at the back of the product during installation. End users will benefit from clear illumination without lamp flicker and the products almost infinite lamp life due to the small amount of power that it uses.

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Hotel Keycard
Our hotel key card switch has an indicator light that allows hotel guests to locate it quickly and easily to insert their card.

Once the guest leaves their room and the card is removed, there is a 60 second delay before any remaining power will go off.

This is a simple way for hotels to reduce the energy consumed by guests inadvertently leaving electrical items such as TVs and lights on when they have left their room.

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sollysta installation comparison video (YouTube link)
Take a look at our sollysta installation comparison video

Sollysta has been created to help make the life of the electrician easier and safer. This video demonstrates a conventional wall switch installation, a sollysta wall switch installation; using the unique loop terminal and a sollysta grid switch installation.
Unique neutral loop terminal
We know your time is important, so to cut down on installation time we have integrated some great features into sollysta.

Our unique neutral loop terminal allows electricians to connect to domestic lighting
circuits at the wall instead of in the ceiling recess. This enables connections to be more accessible and at a more convenient working height.

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Our range of safety lampholders are designed to make life easier for you. For instance, when the lamp is removed from the lampholder body the power is automatically disconnected at the contacts - ensuring that there is no risk of access to live parts. Additionally with a Lifetime Guarantee as standard you can simply fit and forget!

Quick Tips
Removable Top Wall
Inner body
The inner body of the lampholder is a separate moving part which rotates as the lamp is twisted into place.
Cut Outs
Solid Switching
The solid switching action ensures that the contacts only become live when the lamp is fully inserted and held correctly in place by the 'J' slots.
Simply Clip On
The clip on terminal cover prevents casual removal. Integral cord grip and easier to access screws and terminals allow faster wiring.
Meter Tail Kit
Made from advanced high temperature polymer (resistant up to 210ÂșC), all lampholders are T2 rated.
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