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Product Update
Invicta 3 style A Board
Take a look at our new range of A boards styled on our Invicta range of TP&N boards ensuring matching aesthetics between the ranges.
The boards come with a unique hinged front cover that helps to reduce damage to the cover & door upon installation.

They come equipped with a 100A incomer and can be configured to become a 17th Edition board. Knockouts on the top and bottom and two 100 x 50mm electrical knockouts in the rear allow for easy cabling.
These 1 & 2 row boards perfectly compliment the Invicta 3 range and also come with the choice of plain or glazed doors.

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3 Phase Surge Protection Devices

We now have a range of 3 Phase Surge Protection Devices available.

3 Phase Surge Protection DevicesSPDs are strongly recommended on installations that are exposed to transients, to protect sensitive and expensive electrical equipment such as TVs, Computers, Hi-Fis, & Alarms etc.

3 Phase Surge Protection Devices (PDF, 375 KB)
Download the Guide to Surge Protection Devices (PDF, 2,3 MB) or request a copy here.
TP&N Trunking Kit

The new TP&N trunking kit makes our Invicta 3 range of TP&N boards the easiest and fastest to fit with trunking.

Designed with cutouts and fixings available as standard, the kits allow the installer to fit trunking to boards without the need to cut out any sections. When this is combined with the removable gland plate on the Invicta 3 TP&N board, which leaves a smooth edge return, the installer saves even more time.

Watch the installation video.
Download the catalogue page (PDF, 290 KB)
Hotel Key Card

Our new hotel key card switch has an indicator light that allows hotel guests to locate it quickly and easily to insert their card.

Once the guest leaves their room and the card is removed, there is a 60 second delay before any remaining power will go off.

This is a simple way for hotels to reduce the energy consumed by guests inadvertently leaving electrical items such as TVs and lights on when they have left their room.

Hotel Key Card (PDF, 103 KB)
Panelboard Meter Packs

Our Invicta 3 Panelboard Meter Packs fit directly into the main board and are available with either Pulsed or ModBus outputs.

They come as a kit ready for installation into the main panelboard.

Panelboard Meter Packs (PDF, 666 KB)
800A Panelboards

The 800A MCCB incomer board is designed specifically for applications where an adjustable 800A MCCB incomer device is required. Download the catalogue pages for further information.

800A Panelbords (PDF, 240 KB)


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