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Two Row Hybrid Domestic Board

Consumer Units are now being fitted with meters or more control modules, this can cause issues with the amount of available ways. To help over come this problem we have created a range of Two Row Consumer Units, designed to provide installers with increased space to accommodate the need for more ways.

These boards suite with our existing Consumer Unit range, they are compatible with the complete range of consumer unit accessories and come with the option of a plain or glazed door.
Two Row Consumer Unit
Two Row Hybrid Board - Metal

DescriptionPlain DoorGlazed Door
24 Way Enclosure 100A Switch
29 Way Enclosure 100A Switch
41 Way Enclosure 100A Switch

Two Row Hybrid Split Load Board - Metal

DescriptionPlain DoorGlazed Door
26 Way Split Load 12+14
100A Switch 2 x 63A 30mA RCD
38 Way Split Load 18+20
100A Switch 2 x 63A 30mA RCD
26 Way Split Load 12+14
100A Swtich 2 x 80A 30mA RCD
38 Way Split Load 18+20
100A Swtich 2 x 80A 30mA RCD

Invicta TP&N Style A Boards
New Invicta style A Boards
Take a look at our new range of A boards styled on our Invicta range of TP&N boards ensuring seamless suiting between the ranges.

The boards come with a unique hinged front cover that helps to reduce damage to the cover & door upon installation.

They come equipped with a 100A incomer, however, they can be configured to become a 17th Edition board. Knockouts on the top and bottom and two 100 x 50mm EKO’s in the rear allow for easy cabling.

These 1 & 2 row boards perfectly compliment the Invicta 3 range and also come with the choice of plain or glazed doors.

DescriptionPlain DoorGlazed Door
16 Module
32 Module

Klik Catalogue 2012
Lighting Connection and Control
The new klik catalogue ‘Lighting connection and control’ covers the complete klik range of products, klik.LDS, klik.system and klik.system project.

Whether you want to use a traditional conduit based installation or a fully pluggable system from distribution board to luminaire the catalogue covers all solutions.

The catalogue is broken down into 3 distinct sections; klik.LDS, klik.system and klik.project and has an easy-to-use selection chart for klik and occupancy sensors to help you to quickly identify the products for your application.

Also included are installation guides, occupancy sensor programming instructions and system layout configurations.

Details on the klik.system design software are also explained where prefabricated wiring systems have to show compliance with the relevant British Standards such as BS 8488 and BS 7671.

Download a PDF, or request your copy online.